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Biz Accounting Ltd is a quality provider of tax, bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services. We cover the key areas of Harrow, Edgware and Pinner but can provide services anywhere in the UK. Are you a start-up, freelancer, or growing business with increasing operations and less time available? Biz Accounting Ltd is the right team for you! 
As a seasoned team of accountants and business advisers, Biz Accounting Ltd is here to help your business work for you - instead of you working for it. Most business owners don’t love doing the ‘the books’ - most of them prefer to focus on what they’re good at. 

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That’s why we’re here to help do it for you  – at an affordable cost. 

That’s why we’re here to help do it for you – at an affordable cost. 

As a business owner, it’s vital to get the right advice. There’s tremendous value to be had in using professional business advisors and accountants, who are available as your right hand of command whenever you need them. Most business owners feel overwhelmed and pressured as they try to do everything on their own. This more often than not leads to financial loss and a stressful lifestyle. 
We encourage business owners to do what they’re good at, and let us do what we’re good at. Build your company on solid foundations for when the winds come blowing. 
Would you like help with the monthly administration and maintenance of your accounts? 
Do you want maximum protection when it comes to HMRC compliance? 
Do you need someone to go through your ideas and plans? 
Do you want to make sound long term decisions? 
Do you want to prevent penalties and over-taxation? 

What You’ll Get 

Business owners have complex issues. For your first FREE consultation, one of our expert team members here at Biz Accounting Ltd will sit down with you free of charge to analyse & brainstorm your options. 
Our advisers take it as a personal duty to provide you with easy to understand & accurate information that’s in your businesses best interests.  
Your success is our success, and it’s our mission to support and help your venture grow. 
Aside from the regular communications that our accountants provide, consultations and sit-down discussions can be done fully at your convenience.  
We often carry out live screen-shares with our clients, meaning you get the support you need wherever you are in the country.  
You can visit our office, or we can visit you - just ask us and we’d be happy to fulfil your request. 
Our accountants are within reach whenever you need them. Biz Accounting Ltd provides fast e-mail & phone assistance to support you.  
We don’t charge per minute for each and every phone call you make. We’re big believers in give and take, and we do our best to facilitate customers whenever they need our help. 
Your pricing is tailored to fit exactly what you need - with no hidden or surprising fees. Biz Accounting Ltd offers accurate cost estimates with affordable payment options which are always equal to the services we provide. 
With Biz Accounting Ltd, you’ll never have to worry about delays or being late. Using a team like ours means meeting deadlines, not incurring HMRC penalties, and avoiding red flags. 
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What we do 

When it comes to bookkeeping, we’re the experts. So chances are we can do it faster and to a higher standard. 
Biz Accounting Ltd renders service and assistance for VAT classifications and registrations. 
Helping you understand how your business is doing financially, getting on top of your numbers, and account documents. 
Whether you require traditional or digital methods, records will also be made available to you at any time you wish. 
Biz Accounting Ltd helps your business grow by processing all the requisites required for your business accounts. 
Known fully as the Construction Industry Scheme, CIS requires you to carry out specific duties and responsibilities. 
Biz Accounting Ltd has a range of experienced accountants to deal with business taxation within the UK. 

Who we help 

Biz Accounting Ltd can provide you with assistance in all business related financial aspects. 
Biz Accounting seasoned accountants are perfect to assist you and help you be in full control of your accounts. 
Biz Accounting Ltd can help ensure that you grow your business smartly and with a risk averse mentality. 
Our Biz Accounting Ltd team often cater for independent individuals performing business on their own, or in legal terms - sole trading. 
Biz Accounting Ltd puts in personal extra effort to ensure you get the best value possible from your company formation. 
Umbrella companies are often used as an avenue towards employment, however, their structure & setup can be complex. 
Biz Accounting Ltd is ready to guide you through the course of all factors to mitigate your risks and maximise your potential. 

We'd love to help! 

Just fill in your details below and one of our accountants will be in touch with you right away. 
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